Plainsboro Homes for Sale

Zip Code(s):  08536
2010 Population (% Change Since 2000) - Rank in New Jersey (Out of 566 Municipalities):
   22,999 (+13.8%) - 109th largest
Total Area:  12.2 square miles
   NJ Transit Train: Princeton Junction Station (Northeast Corridor Line); Amtrak Train: Princeton Junction Station; NJ Transit Bus: #600 (Trenton-Plainsboro); MCAT Shuttle: M6 (Jamesburg-Plainsboro); Suburban Transit Bus: #300 (Plainsboro-NYC)
New Jersey Monthly 2010 Public High School Ranking (Out of 322):
   West Windsor-Plainsboro North High School - #29, West Windsor-Plainsboro South High School - #16
Estimated Median Household Income:  $86,014
Town Website:
Average Residential Sale Price (Past 12 Months):  $397,894
Residential Sales Price to List Price Ratio (Past 12 Months):  96.06%
Average Days on Market for Residential Sales (Past 12 Months):  55