New Brunswick Homes for Sale

Zip Code(s):  08901
2010 Population (% Change Since 2000) - Rank in New Jersey (Out of 566 Municipalities):
   55,181 (+13.6%) - 27th largest
Total Area:  5.8 square miles
   NJ Transit Train: Jersey Ave. Station (Northeast Corridor Line), New Brunswick Station (Northeast Corridor Line); Amtrak Train: New Brunswick Station; NJ Transit Bus: #810 (New Brunswick-Woodbridge Center), #811 (New Brunswick-South River), #814 (North Brunswick-Middlesex CC), #815 (New Brunswick-Woodbridge Center), #818 (New Brunswick-Old Bridge); MCAT Shuttle: M1 (New Brunswick-Jamesburg), M4 (Brunsquick-Jersey Ave.), M5 (Brunsquick-Commercial Ave.); Suburban Transit Bus: #100 (Princeton-NYC), #300 (Plainsboro-NYC), #500 (Kendall Park-NYC), #600 (East Windsor-NYC), #701/703/711 (Raritan Mall-Atlantic City); Somerset County Transportation: Davidson Ave. Shuttle
New Jersey Monthly 2010 Public High School Ranking (Out of 322):
   New Brunswick High School - #282
Estimated Median Household Income:  $45,645
Average Residential Sale Price (Past 12 Months):  $200,312
Residential Sales Price to List Price Ratio (Past 12 Months):  94.8%
Average Days on Market for Residential Sales (Past 12 Months):  92